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Paper Ship (EP)

by Johnny Broadway

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Pretending 03:26
I try to be what you need, not just some actor rehearsing their lines. I try to feel but it's empty, and it's getting worse all the time. And I'm not so good at pretending there's not a crack in the hull. Save yourself first, let me go... I hear you Mr. Hartley, all the way from the depths below. The rhythm of the waves, it commands me to play. Any choice is forsaken, now that they're washing you away. Now that they're washing you away. I try to be what you need, not just some actor rehearsing their lines. I try to feel but I'm empty, and it's getting worse all the time. But I'm getting good at pretending there's no such thing as this hell. I faintly remember the smell, but I can't hear anything hardly at all from down in the depths below. From down in the depths below. From down in the depths below.
Paper ship 04:10
Paper ship, don't you go tip, let's go on a trip somewhere far far away. Where I can lay my head under another sky, while you sing lullabies to steer me in my dreams. Paper plane, come fly us away. Somewhere way up high, where the sky wraps its arms around this tumbling ball of blue and green and grey. And then somewhere we've never been. Paper trail, take us on a tale of magic and mystery. But please keep us safe and sound, keep us on hallowed ground, happy ever now, or after, if there's time. And I promise I won't go too far. I promise I won't go too fast. And I promise I'll write you back.
There's a whole world out there to explore. There's a whole world that you've never seen. Places you reach by plane or car, places you might rather be. And we can make it if we try. We can drive all through the night. And even if we fail, at least we made it farther underneath. Yes, let us go adventuring! The crash of waves, the crack of storms! Let us feel the cold wind sting on our faces as we're borne ceaselessly into the night, ceaselessly into this life, ceaselessly, but though we tire, we never dream of turning back! So tell me where you've lived your life. Tell me all the things you've seen. The magic underneath the stars, the places only you could reach.
Wanderlust 03:10
I ran in through the open door, but I forgot what I came here for, so I just stood there with a stupid grin, hoping you'd invite me in. I've got a bad case of wanderlust, but I thought that I could earn your trust. When I left in the moonlit night, I wouldn't look back until the light. It's been so long that I can't recall any details of how we met. I think it all happened in the fall, but then again, I forget. I never stay in one place for long. My roots they dry in the open sun. I wanted to show you what's in this heart of mine, but that would have taken time.


released February 1, 2010




Johnny Broadway Winnipeg, Manitoba

Indie folk/pop/rock sing-songwriter from Planet Earth. New single "Kevin" out now!

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